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Two males in custody following stolen vehicle incident…

PRINCE GEORGE, BC: Two males are in custody after a series of events that unfolded earlier this morning…

Police say just after 5 AM, a report came in about a stolen Ford pickup truck off Nation Crescent. Approximately 4 hours later at around 9 AM, an officer spotted a similar vehicle near 5th Ave and Hwy 97 and attempted to turn around and stop the driver but was unable to do so.

A few minutes later, officers received multiple reports of a dangerous driver in a white Ford pickup truck that had collided with a vehicle on the Fraser Bridge. The driver fled the scene and proceeded across the bridge where it collided with another vehicle at the entrance way to the BCR Industrial area. The suspect driver and passenger fled the damaged truck and attempted to take an occupied vehicle. They were not successful. Both suspects then fled the scene in different directions but were caught by RCMP within a few minutes and arrested.

A 31 year-old male and an 18 year-old male are in custody. The vehicle they were in was confirmed to be the same vehicle that was stolen earlier today.

The entire incident from the time of the first call to police to the time of the arrests, took place in less than 10 minutes. No injuries have been reported.

The Prince George RCMP would like to thank those members of the public that called police and those that provided information to officers on scene.

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