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Info regarding thunderstorms and warnings for BC Peace…

PJXM is going to be changing the way thunderstorm information is being posted to our website due to the amount of warnings that have been issued this July alone.

Beginning on July 15, we will no longer post thunderstorm watches or warnings for the BC Peace. We simply can’t extend our hours for this type of information that continues to happen on a daily basis and is very time consuming when we are not available to watch what is occurring on radar.

PJXM is not a 24 hour news service and we do run on a timed schedule throughout the week. This change will NOT affect our winter coverage as we find it is not as frequent as thunderstorms.

This July we’ve had more warnings than ever before for thunderstorms in the BC Peace. One or two a day. The public is encouraged to download weather apps on their smartphone and watch or listen to local weather forecasts for any threat of severe thunderstorms in the BC Peace.

This change will have no impact on our coverage for the Prince George region. Thunderstorm warnings will continue for Prince George and Quesnel.

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