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Updated… Counterfeit money used at local Dawson Creek business…

DAWSON CREEK BC: On Tuesday, July 9th, 2019, the Dawson Creek RCMP received a report of counterfeit bills being used at a local business.

Officers attended the business and seized the $1300 worth of counterfeited $100 Canadian bills. The investigation is still ongoing at this time.

These two are handing out fake $100 bills across the BC Peace and Grande Prairie regions. RCMP PHOTO.

The Dawson Creek RCMP would like to remind businesses to double check any currency that they accept as tender. Multiple security features are included by the Bank of Canada to confirm the authenticity of each bill printed.

Security features attached to bills that can be used to confirm their authenticity include:

  • See through hologram running the width of the bill
  • The holograms should match other markers on the bills (face, building)
  • The raised ink on the large denomination number
  • The maple leaf on each bill is both frosted and see through
  • Braille indentations on each bill are embossed (raised)
  • Two matching serial numbers running the length of the bill
  • Serial numbers differ on each bill and are not duplicated
  • Bills are printed on polymer and therefore should not tear/rip

Counterfeit bills tend to be thicker due to the paper they are printed on.

The raised features like the large denomination number and the braille embossing will be flat on counterfeit bills and the holographs may not
exist or they may appear opaque.

Do not accept any bills you believe to be counterfeit. For more information, please visit the Bank of Canada website.

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