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RCMP warn about leaving children and pets in hot cars…

PRINCE GEORGE, BC: As the weather gets warmer, the Prince George RCMP receive many reports of pets and the occasional child being left unattended in vehicles.

This past weekend frontline officers attended a report of a child left unattended in a vehicle while a parent went into a business. Concerned persons observed the child and contacted police. Officers believed the child to be in distress and took lawful action to remove the child, despite the engine and air conditioning being left on.

Fortunately, the toddler was found to be in good health. The parent was located and cautioned about leaving the child unattended and reminded of the consequences of such action. The Ministry of Children & Family Development was also advised.

Just like unattended children, concerned citizens also report seeing distressed pets that have been left in vehicles while their human caregiver goes into a business for a period of time. So far in May, frontline officers have been dispatched to no less than twenty-three such complaints in the City of Prince George. Some of these incidents have resulted in officers finding dogs in good health while others have resulted in finding dogs in distress. Either way, leaving a dog in a hot vehicle for even a few minutes is not acceptable and appropriate charges could follow. For more information, go to https://spca.bc.ca/news/do-not-leave-animals-in-hot-cars/.

The Prince George RCMP want to remind parents and pet owners to never leave their children or pets in a vehicle unattended. The results of such actions could be catastrophic and life changing.

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