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Results of bicycle and motorcycle safety enforcement campaign…

PRINCE GEORGE, BC: Over the month of April, the Prince George RCMP’s Municipal Traffic Services Section focused on bicycle and motorcycle safety throughout the city…

As an education and enforcement response to collisions involving vulnerable road users, such as bicyclists, and motorcyclists, frontline officers from the Prince George RCMP Municipal traffic Section and the Downtown Safety Unit, sharpened their focus during the month of April. Officers targeted drivers who don’t show respect for these types of road users, and cyclists & riders that put themselves in harms way.

Here are the results of the safety campaign:

  • 96 bicycle helmet violations
  • 1 bicycle helmet violation to a parent of an under aged youth
  • 1 motorcycle helmet violation
  • 50 violations for riding bicycles on sidewalks
  • 1 violation for careless cycling
  • 29 other violations for bicycle offences
  • 4 violations to pedestrians for unsafe crossing
  • 6 violations to vehicle drivers that were driving without consideration or without due care for other road users
  • 2 violations for failing to signal

In all, 190 violations were handed out during this safety campaign.

“As a motorist, it’s your responsibility to follow the rules of the road and be courteous to all types of road users” says Sgt. Matthew LaBelle, in charge of the Municipal Traffic Services Unit. “As a cyclist or pedestrian, it’s even more important to follow the rules of the road, as you lack the protection required if a collision happens.”

Released by Prince George RCMP.

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