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RCMP apprehend man who allegedly grabbed child…

KELOWNA, BC: The Kelowna RCMP is continuing to  investigate a bizarre incident that unfolded in Kelowna’s Kerry Park Sunday afternoon…

Police say at approximately 2:27 p.m., officers converged on waterfront 
Kerry Park, near the intersection of Bernard Avenue and Abbott Street, for a report of an assault and adisturbance at that location.

at the scene told police that a male allegedly grabbed a small child being held by it’s mother. After a struggle ensued the male suspect allegedly jumped into the waters of Okanagan Lake, and swam away.

Frontline officers made attempts to 
negotiate with the male who became isolated on a log boom.

With the assistance of the Kelowna Fire Department rescue vessel, RCMP officers apprehended the suspect without further incident.

“It’s unclear at this time exactly what the male’s intentions were and that, of course, will be a large portion of our continued investigation,” states Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey, spokesperson for the Kelowna RCMP. “As a parent myself, I can only imagine what would have been going through the minds of the child’s parents.”

The suspect, a 30 year-old man originally from Alberta, faces potential criminal charges. He remains in police custody at this time and is expected to make an appearance in Kelowna Law Courts on Monday.

The child, who was seemingly uninjured, was medically examined and later released from local hospital.

“The Kelowna RCMP and its victim services volunteers will continue to support the youth’s family,” adds Cpl. O’Donaghey.

Police are now urging all witnesses to come forward. “We appreciate
that many witnesses may feel that police have obtained information from enough witnesses at the scene, however each and every eye witness
account is helpful,” says Cpl. O’Donaghey.

Released by Kelowna RCMP.

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