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Cement truck sinks on weight restricted road near Kamloops…

Guess the driver of this concrete truck thought they could maneuver an over capacity load of concrete on a road that currently has weight restrictions near Kamloops. This is why the Ministry of Transportation places restrictions on roads and drivers of large vehicles should use common sense when using rural roads or face the consequences. If you’re a driver of large vehicles, the ministry lists road restrictions on their website.

Below is the message from BC Transportation on this incident…

Load restrictions are a thing!
This cement truck was so overweight they sank into the road, to their axles.We got them to the scales, issued them a fine and an inspection put them out of service.
PLEASE don’t do this! More info: https://t.co/laemoBHSsA https://t.co/IBJvKcnQmq

To protect the roadway, the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has in place a Seasonal Strength Loss Program for heavy vehicles and commercial transport trucks on B.C. Highways.

This program identifies and imposes load restrictions on roads, or portions of roads that have been weakened by excess water in the road base. Once the road has been determined to be structurally sound, load restrictions can be rescinded.

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