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February saw very cold temps across the country; more winter on the way…

If it felt cold in Canada this month, it was!

Starting in the west, where the southern half of BC, AB and SK all experienced “extremely below normal” temperatures. Some of the more notable examples are as follows:

  • Banff and Lloydminster in AB, Abbotsford, Prince George, Vancouver, and Williams Lake in BC and La Ronge and North Battleford in SK all experienced a record cold February
  • Victoria, BC experienced its worst snowstorm on record with snow falling 8-14th February consecutively totaling 67.7 cm of snow

In central and eastern Canada, it was storm after storm after storm.

So much snow in fact, that in Quebec 34 roofs collapsed in February under the weight of snow.

In Europe, the weather story was quite the opposite:

Credit: NOAA, NESDIS Feb. 25, 2019 by the VIIRS instrument on the NOAA/NASA Suomi NPP satellite – showing mostly clear skies in France, Germany, England, and the Belgium and the Netherlands.

Key Gardens, UK registered it’s warmest winter day on record, when it reached 21.2°C, equally Porthmadog, Wales did the same at 20.8°C – both occurring on Feb 26, 2019. Record-breaking February warmth was also reported in the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden. Paris, France had a record 11 days in February above 15°C – records go back to 1873. In addition, Basel, Switzerland had its sunniest February since 1886 with 160+ hours of sunshine.

Sadly, the seasonal forecast for the next two weeks keeps much of Canada below normal for the beginning of March.

Written and released by Environment Canada.

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