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RCMP ask drivers to slow down…

FORT ST. JOHN, BC: The Fort St. John RCMP wish to remind drivers to slow down for the current winter driving conditions…

With snow clearing taking place on some of the streets and avenues, conditions can improve immensely but they can also become more slippery, depending on a variety of factors.

Recently, the Fort St. John RCMP attended a motor vehicle collision between two vehicles at a high use intersection and even before clearing the scene another collision occurred between two more vehicles.

Road conditions may be contributing factors but drivers can still be ticketed for Speed Relative to Conditions for a fine of $167.00 (Sec. 144(1)(c) Motor Vehicle Act) as they did not slow down enough to maintain control as they approached the intersection.

“The known or posted speed signs don’t change on our roads,” said Cst NEUSTAETER, “But conditions do.”

A person must not drive at a speed that is excessive relative to the road, traffic, visibility or weather conditions.

Drivers need to also be aware of where pedestrians may interact with traffic such as crosswalks and when pedestrians enter the roadway to get into their vehicles. The road can be uneven and slippery for pedestrians. Drivers who slow down have more time to react if the pedestrian slips or falls.

Drivers are responsible for driving at a reasonable speed that protects them from sliding through intersections, causing a collision with another vehicle or person. These collisions are preventable when drivers slow down and drive relative to conditions.

Written and released by Fort St. John RCMP.

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