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CFSEU-BC North continue to seek Wanted persons…

FORT ST. JOHN, BC: More charges have been approved against several criminals who were arrested back in June 2016 on trafficking drugs and weapon offences…

The investigation by the Combined Forces Unit began back in July of 2015 and targeted Street and mid-level drug traffickers in the BC Peace.

The investigation is now before the courts and has resulted in the following charges, convictions and related sentences:

  • A total of 36 Accused persons had criminal charges against them approved by the Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC)
  • A total of 120 Criminal Charges were approved and laid by PPSC
  • 21 Accused have either been found guilty or pleaded guilty
  • 6 Accused are still to be sentenced
  • 5 Accused were either found not guilty or a stay of proceedings was entered on their charges by PPSC
  • 6 Accused are awaiting trial or waiting for trial continuation
  • Approximately 4300 days of jail time has been handed out to the 15 accused that have already received their sentence

Four of the Accused have outstanding warrants for their arrest: photo below.

1. Alena WALLACE, DOB: 1990-02-19
2. Paul DEL GROSSO, DOB: 1979-03-04
3. Danick LEGER, DOB: 1995-10-14
4. Jamie CORMIER, DOB: 1991-12-04

It is currently unknown where these individuals are and anyone with information is asked to contact your local police or contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

For the full details on what went down back in June 2016, click here. Names of the accused are below.
The CFSEU-BC would like to thank Dawson Creek RCMP and Fort St. John RCMP for their assistance throughout this investigation.

Here is the list of the accused and the sentence details…

  • Jamie St. Denis received 7.5 years total jail time and 10 year firearm prohib.
  • Ryan Holden received a 2 year jail sentence, 3 year probation order, and lifetime ban on firearms.
  • Christina MacKay is scheduled to be sentenced May 2019.
  • Nuaman Mohamud received 90 days in jail to be served on weekends for 2 years, 18 months probation and mandatory firearm prohib.
  • Lisa Beaulieu received 126 days in ja and a mandatory firearms prohib.
  • Darcy Beaulieu was acquitted.
  • Rae-Dawn Campbell was convicted of a lesser charge and discharged back in December 2017.
  • Preston Norris is bound to Undertaking to attend a Treatment Centre. His sentence will occur after treatment.
  • Lashway Merritt received 90 days in jail, 15 months probation order and a 10 year firearms prohib.
  • Rory Baxter was acquitted
  • James Beattie plead guilty to one trafficking charge and is awaiting a sentencing February 2019.
  • Isabel Laboucan, Stay of Proceedings
  • Tyson Maurice has plead guilty to one trafficking charge and is awaiting sentencing April 2019.
  • Arin Charleyboy was found guilty by a judge. Awaiting sentencing.
  • Sam Tapanila is awaiting sentencing and was convicted of 5 charges, trafficking Cocaine x3, Heroin, and Oxycodone. Scheduled for sentencing on February 11, 2019.
  • Troy Romanow is sentenced to 3 years probation and a mandatory 10 year firearm prohib.
  • Curtis Britz and plead guilty to trafficking Cocaine x2. Currently awaiting sentencing in Chilliwack.
  • David Oster received a 7 month jail time sentence, 1 year probation, and a 10 year mandatory firearm prohib.
  • David Shane was found Not Guilty.
  • Ghislain Cormier is awaiting trial.
  • Wayne Weatherhead received 122 days in jail and a mandatory 10 year firearm ban.
  • Kevin Danais is waiting for trial scheduled for April 2019.
  • Colby Davis received an 18 month probation order and a 10 year mandatory firearm prohib.
  • Andreas Fuchs is in mid-trial.
  • Marc Renaud is in mid-trial.
  • Brandon Robichaud is in mid-trial.
  • Kelsey Gauthier is in trial continuation scheduled for February 8, 2019.
  • Jerron Krausher, Stay of Proceedings.
  • Shane Lyne received a suspended sentence, 18 months probation and a 10 year firearms prohib.
  • Josh Carter received a suspended sentence, 1 year Probation and a 10 year Mandatory firearm prohib.
  • William McWhirther received 172 days in jail, and a lifetime firearms prohib.
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