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City crews ready for warmer weekend temperatures…

PRINCE GEORGE, BC: Forecasted warm temperatures this weekend are likely to cause rapid melting of snow and so the City is reminding residents of how crews and the public can work together to deal with the large puddles, ponding, and sometimes even localized flooding that occur when temperatures head above zero.

Over the past two weeks the city has received over 40 cm of snow and now a rapid melt is in the forecast. PJXM PHOTO. Burden Street in Prince George.

The City’s Utilities Division has crews ready to work to help ensure that the City’s more than 5500 storm drains remain as clog-free as possible and to prevent traffic issues and localized flooding. Crews monitor areas throughout the City to spot problem drainage locations so they can be addressed before situations worsen.

The City of Prince George encourages residents to call in and report large puddles or flooding concerns to the City as this also helps staff prioritize and plan. Residents can contact the Service Centre to report large puddles at 250.561.7600 or servicecentre@princegeorge.ca. Residents can also visit the City website to submit a service request online.

City crews use a variety of means including GPS mapping and metal detectors to locate drains and steel grates buried under snow and ice. Crews may use vacuum trucks to remove water from puddles and expose drains and melt ice with hot water steam units to allow meltwater to drain freely down drains, culverts, and storm inlets. Crews also employ excavators, backhoes, loaders, and graders to remove any snow and ice that may prevent water from draining properly.

Property owners can work to prevent large puddles and ponding near their homes by ensuring that debris such as leaves, plastic, or paper are not covering nearby storm drains.

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