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Fort St. John RCMP remind motorists about Emergency Vehicles…

FORT ST. JOHN, BC: When you are on the waiting end for the services of fighter fighters, police or paramedics, seconds can seem like an eternity.

When you share the road with these same emergency vehicles, your driving attention can be the difference of keeping everyone on the road safe and keeping the emergency service workers safe as they respond to a need for help.

As Fort St. John enters into the snowy, icy driving season, the Fort St. John RCMP wish to remind the public that your cooperation on the road keeps everyone safe, and you from being eligible for a ticket.

If you are approached by an emergency vehicle with an audible siren and flashing emergency lights, unless otherwise directed by a peace officer, the driver must yield the right of way and immediately pull over to the curb or shoulder (usually the right), stop and remain in that position until the emergency vehicle has passed.

The penalty under the Motor Vehicle Act for failing to yield for an emergency vehicle is $109 + 3 penalty points.

If you come upon an emergency vehicle that is stopped with emergency lights activated, you must slow down and move over (change lanes) if possible. This includes stopped police vehicles, ambulances, fire vehicles, commercial safety and enforcement vehicles, transportation inspectors, park rangers or conservation officers and tow trucks.

If you are driving on a road where the speed is 80 km/hr or higher, slow to 70 km/hr.
If you are driving on a road where the speed is below 80 km/hr, slow down to 40 km/h.

The penalty under the Motor Vehicle Act for failing to slow down or moving over near stopped emergency vehicles is $173 + 3 penalty points.

While passing parked emergency vehicles, keep your eyes looking ahead, because drivers drive where they are looking.

And did you know that if you are following a fire truck, you must stay back at least 150 metres.

Failure to do so carries a penalty under the Motor Vehicle Act for following a fire truck too closely is $81 + 2 penalty points.

This winter season, lets all do our part to make sure all emergency service vehicles and personnel get to where they need to go and return home safely.

Written and released by Fort St. John RCMP. No edits.

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