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Friday morning update: The rain has subsided earlier this morning. Cloudy conditions for Friday. Rain will move in again for Saturday. 10 mm expected.

Rain mixed with snow will continue throughout the overnight and well into Friday morning. Environment Canada states the air temperature will remain around plus 1 tonight. Road surface temperature however could be lower depending on your location.

2 to 4 cm of snow is expected within city limits with more possible further north you go. Heavy rain will turn to snow in rural areas. Environment Canada predicts 10 to 15 mm of rain tonight for the city.. Expect a good snowfall in rural.

As of 7 pm, travel is not recommended on Hwy 97 North of Prince George. Snow is sticking to the road surface as shown above near Summit Lake.

Hwy 97 South is experiencing a rain snow mix with no snow sticking to the road.

Hwy 16 West is also experiencing a rain snow mix with no snow sticking to the road as shown above near Bednesti.

Please check for the latest information on current highway conditions.

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