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Pedestrian safety changes on Hwy 97 at CNC…

PRINCE GEORGE, BC: The BC Ministry of Transportation along with the City of Prince George and the College of New Caledonia have made a noticeable change to guide pedestrians to use the crosswalk at 22nd Ave and Hwy 97…

Fencing project is complete as of October 23. The fence is to help guide pedestrians to use the intersection seen above. Traffic signal changes are also upcoming. PJXM News PHOTO

Earlier this month a construction crew began work to install fencing on the meridian between 18th Ave and 22nd Ave on Highway 97 following many safety concerns with pedestrians.

Fence posts are in as construction crews install fencing along a meridian on Hwy 97 in Prince George near CNC on October 20. PJXM PHOTO

“In a combined effort to increase safety, works have been undertaken by all parties to guide pedestrians to the intersection at 22nd Ave. to cross the highway”, stated the Ministry.

Earlier this year, a student attending The College of New Caledonia was struck and killed as she crossed Hwy 97 from a path at the College. That path led out to an old bus stop and many pedestrians crossed the Hwy from there. The path was removed shortly after the deadly accident. Read more on that here.

The ministry also told PJXM improvements to the 22nd Ave intersection signals are also upcoming.

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