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Update 4: Enbridge Pipeline incident…

UPDATE 4: Enbridge advises that one of the two natural gas transmission pipelines as part of the BC Pipeline system impacted by a rupture on Tuesday is now operational.

There are two Enbridge-owned and operated natural gas transmission pipelines that are part of the BC Pipeline system – a line that is 30-inches in diameter and a second line that is 36 inches in diameter. Both lines were shut down and depressurized following a rupture on the 36-inch line, which ignited approximately 13.5 km north of Prince George.

The 30-inch line, which runs parallel to the impacted line, underwent a comprehensive integrity assessment that evaluated a number of potential impacts, including the condition of the pipe, geotechnical and ground disturbance, and other potential integrity issues. Following this rigorous assessment, the line was deemed fit for service.

Enbridge received an order from the National Energy Board (NEB) in the evening of Oct. 10 to restart the 30-inch line. Following the NEB order, Enbridge initiated our restart plan to safely and gradually bring the line’s pressure up to approximately 80% of normal operating capacity. Natural gas is now safely flowing to our customers through the single line.

In coordination with regulatory agencies, Enbridge has mobilized significant resources to investigate the cause of the rupture on the 36-inch line, and eventually replace the impacted segment. As this work is ongoing, we do not yet have a time estimate on the investigation process, nor a timetable on repairing and returning the 36-inch line to service. Enbridge will provide more information when it becomes available.

Safety is our number one priority. Enbridge is focused ensuring the safety of investigators and crews at the site, as well as members of the public.

A 1-km security zone around the site of the incident was established immediately following the incident. Unauthorized individuals are not permitted in this security zone, which will be in place indefinitely to ensure public safety and the integrity of the investigation.

Released and written by: Enbridge

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