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Slow Down on the Yellowhead Bridge…

PRINCE GEORGE, BC: In early July, the Prince George RCMP received a traffic complaint regarding the construction zone located along Highway 16 on the Yellowhead Bridge in Prince George…

Concerns were raised about motorists ignoring construction zone speed signs throughout the two kilometre zone. The contractor has reduced the four lane bridge to single lane in both directions while significant maintenance is competed throughout the summer and into the fall.

RCMP officers from the Municipal Traffic Section and RCMP Volunteers from the Community Policing Section attended the area throughout July and August. The statistics are concerning.

“Of the 2,864 vehicles observed, 89% or 2,461 vehicles were observed travelling above the posted speed limit”, says Mike Burt, Program Coordinator. “What was even more concerning was that 258 or 10% of the speeding vehicles were traveling in excess of 21 kilometres per hour over the posted 50 kilometre per hour construction zone speed limit. The highest speed recorded was at 104 kilometres hour”.

The speeding motorists were not just those in personal vehicles, but over 50 commercial and business vehicles were recorded traveling over 21 kilometres per hour.

Speed enforcement has been conducted in the construction zone on multiple occasions.

If you were one of those drivers not stopped by RCMP officers, you might have received a warning letter in the mail from the Community Policing Section explaining the offence(s) observed and what the penalty could have been.

The Prince George RCMP’s Community Policing Section have deployed a speed watch trailer on the site to provide a visual for motorists in hopes of educating drivers on their speed.

The Detachment’s Municipal Traffic Services Section will continue to deploy officers into this and other construction zones at various times in order to conduct speed enforcement.

RCMP Volunteers will continue to provide educational enforcement until the road construction season is completed in October.

The Prince George RCMP wish to remind drivers that speed limits are in effect from the time you reach the speed sign until the time you get to the next one. Drivers must be traveling at the posted speed BEFORE they get to the speed sign. Motor Vehicle Act fines for Speeding in a Construction Zone range from $196 to $253. Drivers traveling in excess of 40 kilometres per hour over the speed limit are subject to Excessive Speeding charges that include fines of up to $483 and the impounding of their vehicle.

Written and released by Prince George RCMP

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