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Nadina Lake wildfire second largest fire in BC…

The province’s second largest fire behind the Shovel Lake wildfire is the Nadina Wildfire burning near Francois Lake. It is an estimated 78,000 hectares and continues to grow. Residents in the area are under an Evacuation Order and should leave!

According to the info below, some residents have not left the area under the Order and they should do so in case the Nadina fire becomes worse.

Nadina Lake (R21721)

Last updated: Monday, August 20, 2018 at 3:14 PM

Location: 63km southwest of Burns Lake
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Discovered: Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Size: 78,002.0 hectares (estimated)

Status: Active
Increased fire behaviour is anticipated for this week. Today, weather will be sunny with winds E at 10km/h, high temperature of 26, minimum RH 15%. Tomorrow, winds are forecast at 15-20km/h from the W-SW, high temperature of 28, min RH of 17-19%.

Fire Officials are concerned about the inherent safety risk to those individuals refusing to abide by the Evacuation Orders for the Nadina and Verdun fires on the South side of Francois Lake given the weather forecast for the next 72 hours. Fire growth is anticipated as well as extreme fire behaviour.

Being placed on an Evacuation Order can be a difficult and emotional experience; however, choosing to remain in an area under Evacuation Order puts yourself, your family, and potentially first responders in danger.

The protection of first responders and the public is the number one priority for BC Wildfire Service, which includes ensuring the safety of our own personnel. If you have chosen to remain in your home in the event of an Evacuation Order, it is important to understand that we may not be able to assist you, as you have been advised to leave the area for your own safety and we need to ensure the health and safety of our firefighters as well.

Remaining in an area under an Evacuation Order can also impede our ability to fight the fire, as we may be forced to spot certain suppression activity to not put people who have stayed behind in further danger. It is important to understand that access will not be granted to an active fire area if an Evacuation Order has been put in place.

One flare-up occurred near the western flank today; however, crews were fast to control it. Crews were successful with constructing guard from Owen Lake to Nadina Mountain. Crews were able to widen the Owen east right of way today by removing trees along the fire side. Fire officials are continuing to make plans for aerial ignitions when weather conditions are favorable.
Crews will continue to mop up any burned control lines, continue to bunch trees along roadways to remove any danger trees and establish guard. The planning and construction of contingency guard is ongoing
On all flanks crews will be mopping up any control lines, bunching and removing danger trees along roadways and planning and constructing contingency guards. Crews will use existing roads and natural barriers as guards as much as is feasible and establishing machine and fuel free lines between the existing infrastructures.


Interface Interface Fire

Evacuation Order is in effect.

The Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako has implemented an Evacuation Order and Evacuation Alert for this fire. For more information visit:

For information on tracking smoke in the area, please click here

More information
For more information:
Erin Catherall
Babine Complex Wildfire Information Officer

Cause: Lightning

Lightning Caused

• 47 firefighters
• 67 heavy equipment
In addition,there are 365 persons assigned to this fire including: 15 helicopters, and 158 pieces of heavy equipment are shared amongst all fires that comprise the Babine complex and will be utilized according to areas of highest risk � life and property being the number one priority.
There are now a total of 25 fire trucks and tenders with 78 crew people from various parts of the province working on structural protection.

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