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One arrested following Search Warrant in Dawson Creek…

DAWSON CREEK, BC: One person has been arrested following a Search Warrant in Dawson Creek on Friday, July 6…

Police say officers were conducting proactive patrols in the Mile Zero Trailer park when they noted a pickup truck to have an incorrect license plate attached.

The pickup truck was parked in front of a residence and upon officer’s running the vehicle identification number (VIN), the truck was confirmed to be stolen.

A male and two females associated to the stolen pickup truck were located inside of the residence and the male was subsequently arrested. The two females were requested to leave the property.

Items seized during search warrant.

A search warrant was obtained and conducted on the residence. Once inside, officers located multiple stolen firearms, ammunition and knives. Prohibited items such as 15 round pistol magazines and a homemade ‘stungun’ were also located in the residence.

Other weapons and stolen property were located within the pickup truck.

The male is currently in police custody.

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