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Significant pot bust in Terrace…

TERRACE, BC: Enough marijuana to make more than 20,000 joints was seized by police following a grow-op bust in Thornhill Thursday evening…

Police say at around 6 PM, officers executed two search warrants on a property near Thornhill Street and Old Lakelse Lake Drive after receiving a tip about a marijuana grow operation.

Hundreds of marijuana plants in various stages of growth were seized in a Thornhill residence. One man was arrested and released on a Promise to Appear. RCMP PHOTO

During the bust, police seized 723 plants in various stages of growth and 15 pounds of dried marijuana. In and of itself, the dried marijuana is enough to make approximately 20,400 joints.

Processing and growing equipment, as well as chemicals were also seized by police. If sold by the gram, the approximate street value of the dried marijuana is $68,000.

One man was arrested on drug related offenses. He was later released on a Promise to Appear in Court.

Written and released by Terrace RCMP with edits by PJXM News.

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