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Provided Opportunity or Victimization?

It’s minus 28 degrees Celsius out. You stop at the local coffee shop or convenience store to run in and grab your morning coffee and bagel or morning paper. You know you’ll just be a minute or two and it is very cold out. You leave your doors unlocked and your keys in the ignition so you won’t be able to lock your doors. While inside, an unscrupulous opportunist is walking by and jumps into your vehicle and takes off with it. With only just a couple of short minutes going by, you walk outside to find an empty parking stall where your vehicle used to be.

If this seems unrealistic, please think again, as this scenario has been a reality for a few local individuals.

The Fort St. John RCMP has seen a recent rise in vehicle thefts over the past two weeks for this very reason.

Police are asking people that if they need to leave their vehicle idling due to the cold weather, please either use your remote start, or always carry and extra set of keys with you in order to properly secure your vehicle.

Police want you to know that failing to properly secure your motor vehicle could cost you an 81 dollar fine for having an Unsecure Motor Vehicle.

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