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Police across BC focusing on distracted drivers…

PRINCE GEORGE, BC: Police across the province of British Columbia are always looking for people who use electronic devices while driving and people not wearing a seatbelt while in a moving vehicle but even more so during the month of March… 

A province wide campaign is ongoing during March and police will be targeting those individuals who drive while distracted or those not wearing a seatbelt. 

During the first week of the month long campaign, Prince George Regional Traffic Services and the Prince George Integrated Road Safety Unit have focused their enforcement action at the campaign initiatives. 

In the first seven days police issued 36 Distracted Driving (cell phone) violations and 31 Seatbelt Violations. Police also issued 32 other various motor vehicle act violations. 

Distracted Driving has surpassed Impaired Driving to become the second leading cause of car crashes in British Columbia and contributes to an average of 81 deaths in crashes every year in the province.  

If you need to make a call or text please pull over and park your car. Remember it is illegal to use your device at red lights and stop signs. You must be pulled off the travel portion of the roadway and parked. 

Distracted Driving carries a $368 fine with 4 demerit points. This fine coupled with the ICBC Driver Penalty Point Premium of $175, pushes the financial penalty of distracted driving to $543. The fine for failing to wear a seat belt is $167.00

Written and released by North District RCMP 


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