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Two dozen crashes in PG area this past weekend…

PRINCE GEORGE, BC: Drivers are being reminded to take extra precaution when driving from now until spring as road conditions can change suddenly…

From 4:30 PM on Friday November 25th, 2016 to 8:00 AM on Monday November 28, 2016, Police received 26 reports of motor vehicle collisions in the Prince George area.

Although mostly small collisions with no injuries, there are a few incidents of significance:

On November 25th at approximately 4:30 PM, officers attended the scene of a 3 vehicle collision at the intersection of Highway 97 and 10thAvenue in Prince George. The adult male driver of a GMC Envoy collided with two vehicles in the intersection. No injuries were reported. The GMC driver was found to be impaired by alcohol and issued a 90 driving prohibition and a 30 day vehicle impound. 

On November 25th at approximately 5:00 PM, the adult female driver of a northbound Pontiac Sunfire struck an adult male pedestrian on Upland Street in Prince George. The pedestrian was transported to hospital with a possible broken jaw. The pedestrian was wearing all black clothing on a dark and snowing night. 

At approximately 7:30 PM on November 26th, police attended the scene of a single vehicle rollover on Foothills Boulevard in Prince George. An adult female driver lost control of a Toyota 4Runner going around a bend and went off road. No injuries reported. Road conditions were a factor, speed was not. 

Just after 9:00 PM on November 27th, police attended a single vehicle rollover on Highway 97 near the Willow Cale Forest Service Road. Minor injury reported. A sudden drop in temperature caused road conditions to change quickly. The adult male driver of the northbound Toyota Tundra lost control and went off road right. 

Police responded to a multiple vehicle collision on Damms Road near Highway 97 at approximately 7:40 AM on November 28th. One person was injured when attempting to get out of vehicle. Slippery road conditions believed to be a factor. Investigation continuing.

Prince George RCMP also attended motor vehicle incidents in Hixon, Beaverley, Mud River and Blackwater areas.

Police would like to remind the driving public that winter conditions are upon us. Drivers need to be extra cautious when travelling on area roads. Temperature fluctuations can cause sudden changes in road conditions. Please drive with caution and ensure your vehicle is equipped with winter rated tires.

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