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Crime drops following closure of Connaught Motor Inn in Prince George…

Crime stats drop near Connaught Motor Inn as it is no longer in business. Other disrepair businesses with high crime stats should take note the city is no longer putting up with crime.

PRINCE GEORGE, BC: It has been over 3 months since the City of Prince George scrapped the business license of the Connaught Motel Inn located at 15th Ave and Victoria Street. Today, the RCMP released some new stats on crime in the area since the closure took effect back in July… 

Police say in the first 9 months of 2016, calls for service occurring within a 100 metre radius of the Connaught Motor Inn in has declined over 50% from the same period in 2015. In the three months that the business has been closed calls for service have decreased by 67%, freeing up police resources to respond to other matters.

“We cannot ignore locations, individuals or crime trends in our communities that compromise the safety and well-being for any of our citizens, visitors, homes, and businesses” says Supt. Warren Brown, Officer in charge of the Prince George RCMP.

“Unfortunately, we have a high number of vulnerable people who because of circumstances, often beyond their control, become victimized by one or more external entities. These core issues were over represented in a small area in Prince George that we have come to identify in and around the Connaught. Through a combined effort and strategy, in collaboration with the City of Prince George, we have seen a marked reduction in crime and calls for service in this area.”


Crime stats around the Connaught Motor Inn


Mayor Lyn Hall has this to say about the decline in crime in the area…

“This location is a highly visible and highly travelled part of our City and one of the major gateways to our downtown. The fact that we have already seen such a marked drop in a variety of crimes indicates to Council that we are on the right track with our remedial action activities.

These numbers also send a message of the dangers of allowing buildings to fall into disrepair and of the positive outcomes of taking decisive action to ensure criminal elements are not attracted to such locations. Council would like to thank the RCMP for their continuous, outstanding efforts in our community.”

The Prince George RCMP will continue to work with partners such as the City of Prince George to reduce crime at problem locations in our community.

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