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ICBC warns about spike in pedestrian crashes…

ICBC is launching a pedestrian safety campaign with the B.C. government and police to urge pedestrians and drivers to stay safe as crashes involving pedestrians spike at this time of year.

On average, 59 pedestrians are killed and 2,300 injured in crashes every year in B.C., with almost half of these fatalities (46 per cent) occurring between October and January.*

Pedestrians can help stay safe by making eye contact, wearing bright and reflective clothing, and staying focused on the road. ICBC will be distributing reflectors and safety tips through community policing volunteers across the province in areas with high volumes of pedestrian traffic.

Through ICBC’s road improvement program, over 100 pedestrian and cyclist related projects were completed last year including crosswalks, sidewalks, countdown timers and pedestrian activated flashing crosswalks.

About 70 per cent of pedestrian crashes happen at intersections. The intersection safety camera program, a partnership between ICBC, the B.C. government and police since 1999, has cameras set up at 140 of the highest-risk intersections in 26 communities across the province. It’s one of the many enforcement, education and awareness tactics used to improve pedestrian safety.

This year’s pedestrian safety campaign will feature radio advertising aimed at drivers and transit advertising aimed at pedestrians in the highest pedestrian crash areas of the province, along with online advertising.

Regional statistics*


  • In the Lower Mainland, on average, 1,600 pedestrians are injured in 2,200 crashes every year.
  • On Vancouver Island, on average, 290 pedestrians are injured in 380 crashes every year.
  • In the Southern Interior, on average, 230 pedestrians are injured in 290 crashes every year.
  • In Northern B.C., on average, 70 pedestrians are injured in 92 crashes every year.

*Crash and injury statistics from ICBC data based on five year average from 2011 to 2015. Fatality statistics from police data based on five year average from 2011 to 2015.

Learn more stats and facts in ICBC’s infographic and get more tips on icbc.com.

Written and released by ICBC

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