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Two Fort Nelson youth face charges stemming from year-long investigation…

FORT NELSON, BC: As a result of a year-long investigation, Northern Rockies RCMP has executed a number of search warrants in Fort Nelson, resulting in charges against two youth and seizure of several items and vehicles.

Through a combination of tips and police intelligence-gathering techniques, the Fort Nelson RCMP was able to establish the identity of suspects and link them to driving offenses committed as early as June 2015.

Evidence to support multiple charges was presented to Provincial Crown Counsel which included Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Prohibited Driving, Mischief under $5,000, and Driving without insurance.

On August 8th, 2016; Criminal charges were laid against a 16 year old Fort Nelson Youth for 5 counts of Dangerous Driving and 1 count of Mischief.

Also on August 8th, Criminal charges were laid against an 18 year old for one count of Mischief, while still a youth, and 1 count of Dangerous Driving as an adult.

On August 4, 2016 the Fort Nelson RCMP executed a search warrant seizing another dirt bike. A Charge of Dangerous Driving is pending for an 18 year old Fort Nelson resident.

During the investigation police have seized numerous video clips depicting acts of Dangerous driving and stunting including consuming alcohol while riding on one wheel on a public roadway, to passing a police vehicle on one wheel while using a cell phone to record the offense.

The RCMP is considering seeking criminal or civil forfeiture for seized items valued at nearly $25,000. These vehicles include, an off road motorcycle and an ATV that were used in the commission of multiple criminal/motor vehicle related offenses.

The Fort Nelson RCMP expect to make several more arrests in connection to evidence obtained thus far in their ongoing investigation and would like to offer a word of caution to those operating vehicles of any kind in a dangerous manner.

We strongly recommend this behaviour stops before you get caught, or worse, cause an unnecessary death, which could very well be your own. If you choose to continue, you may be the next person appearing in court, advises Cst. Robert Gossmann of Northern Rockies RCMP.  In the Province of British Columbia, having a drivers licence is a privilege, it is not one of our rights, added Cst Grossman

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