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Serious crash south of Peace River claims one life..

Nampa, AB: The Peace Regional RCMP in northern Alberta is currently investigating a serious fatal crash that occurred on Hwy 2 at Township Road 810 Friday evening… 

Police say the accident occurred near the community of Nampa just before 6 PM and involved two vehicles, a pickup truck and a commercial vehicle hauling canola. Nampa is located 27 km south of the town of Peace River on Hwy 2. 

The pickup truck driven by a 34 year-old female with four young female children inside was travelling along Township Road 810 in foggy conditions. Police believe the female driver failed to see an upcoming stop sign where 810 meets up with Hwy 2 and collided with the commercial vehicle.

One child was thrown from the vehicle and died on scene. The female driver and the three other children all under the age of 7, were taken to hospital. 

The 34 year-old female is listed in serious condition at this time. The three children did not appear to have any life threatening injuries.

The driver of the commercial vehicle has no physical injuries.

RCMP continue to investigate this collision in conjunction with an RCMP Collision Analyst to determine if charges are warranted. Fog and the stop sign appear to have played roles in this collision.

Families of the involved parties have been notified and their identities are not being released.

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