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Stay safe, please stay off the Beatton River…

Fort St. John, BC: The Peace River Regional District is asking that the public continue to stay off the Beatton River and away from the banks south of where it connects to the Doig River.

Debris, bank erosion and stream flow continue to make the Beatton River dangerous. The banks appear to still be unstable and may slide again.

Lyle Larsen Deputy Inspector of Dikes for Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations flew over the Beatton River site earlier today. Mr. Larsen reported to the Regional District that the Beatton River is 80% blocked by debris however the river is still flowing and that the debris in the river will continue to be eroded by the flow over time.

The Peace River Regional District will continue to monitor the site and let the public know when it is safe to be in the area.

Motorists are being reminded to not stop on the bridge on the Cecil Lake road. The slide is not affecting any roads.

Written by: PRRD

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