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Site C construction schedule from October 12 until October 25…

Site C. BCHydro photo.

Site C Construction Schedule: October 12 to October 25…

The following construction activities are scheduled to occur October 12 to October 25:  

  • The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s (MoTI) contractor for the public road improvements will continue work on 240 Road and 269 Road.
  • The worker accommodation contractor will continue site preparation for the camp, including installation of utilities and other infrastructure. Modular units for the camp will be transported to the dam site.
  • Clearing, excavation and road construction will continue on the north bank of the dam site. Trucks will continue to remove timber from the site.
  • Excavation will occur in the vicinity of the Peace River as part of the construction of the temporary construction bridge and north bank road.
  • Quarry operations will continue in Wuthrich and West Pine quarries.
  • Selective clearing and other work will continue on the south bank of the dam site around access roads and to prepare the area for construction of the temporary construction bridge and other items. Construction and upgrades of the south bank access roads will continue. Work will also occur on the south bank distribution and transmission lines.
  • The existing 138kV transmission line on the south bank will be raised to accommodate future construction.
  • Installation of security gates, fences and guard buildings at the dam site will occur.
  • Installation of a new 25 kV distribution line will occur along public roads on the north bank. During this period, some clearing will continue.

Please note that all activities listed in this construction bulletin are based on the latest information in our construction plan and are subject to change.

What to Expect

While this work takes place, local area residents can expect the following:

  • There will be additional truck traffic in the area as construction crews mobilize to the Site C dam site and logging trucks remove timber. This will include increased industrial traffic on the resource roads from Chetwynd leading to the construction site on the south bank of the dam site.
  • While road improvements are made to 240 Road and 269 Road, motorists can expect to encounter traffic control personnel, minor traffic delays and single-lane alternating traffic.
  • While clearing and distribution line work occurs along public roads, construction crews and vehicles will be in the area. Please use caution.
  • Early morning and/or night shifts may be scheduled, in addition to shifts on the weekends.
  • Some noise and dust may result in the vicinity of the dam site and along public roads as a result of the scheduled construction activities.
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