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FSJ man dies after walking into traffic…

Fort St. John, BC: A Fort St. John man has died following a pedestrian vs. vehicle accident Thursday evening…

Police say at 8 pm, officers along with BC Ambulance and Fire Rescue responded to the incident on 100th Ave near 100th Street. Investigation reveals that a 55 year-old man walked out onto the street and was struck by a slow moving vehicle that had a green light to proceed.

The pedestrian was wearing all dark clothes and crossed against a red light while impaired. The male suffered serious head injuries and died at the Fort St. John Hospital.

The driver of the vehicle remained on scene and did not see the man crossing the street. Neither alcohol nor speed were a factor for the driver of the vehicle.

“It’s important for drivers and pedestrians alike to be aware of their surroundings,” stated Cpl. Jodi Shelkie. “This is a tragic reminder that all pedestrians should use crosswalks and be mindful of traffic control devices, in this case, don’t cross against a red light.”

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